Studios Albatros: la victoire des vaincus

       La chaîne télé Histoire diffuse tout le mois de décembre le documentaire d’Alexandre Moix « Albatros, l’aventure cinématographique des russes blancs à Paris ». En 1922, des Russes blancs exilés en France créent la société de production Albatros, à Montreuil. L’arrivée de ces techniciens, réalisateurs et acteurs venus d’une autre culture va apporter énormément à un cinéma français qui s’est un peu essoufflé dans la période d’après-guerre. Récit passionnant de cette aventure cinématographique autour du producteur Alexandre Kamenka et l’acteur Ivan Mosjoukine, procédé par une lecture un peu sommaire de la Révolution bolchévique qui a poussé à l’exil les cinéastes et tant d’autres russes. Nous avons assisté à la soirée du lancement, organisée au Centre spirituel et culturel orthodoxe Quai de Branly le 4 décembre 2017. Patrick Buisson, directeur de la chaîne Histoire  et Alexandre Moix, réalisateur, nous parlent du film. Une courte intervention de Robert Hossein après la projection.


Lundi 18 Décembre 2017 À 01:05

Dimanche 24 Décembre 2017 À 02:05

Samedi 30 Décembre 2017 À 00:35

Semaine du nouveau cinéma russe « Regards de Russie »,  le jour de la première du film « Mathilde »d’A.Outchitel. Un petit clin d’oeil sur l’histoire de Mathilda Kschessinska par Diminri Korniloff, fils d’émigrés russes blancs et descendant d’amiral Vladimir Korniloff.

« La Fuite » de Boulgakov et tous les exils

Le 7 octobre 2017, une Journée Russie à la Criée autour de la première de «La Fuite» de Mikhail Boulgakov, la commémoration sur le mode joyeux du Centenaire de la Révolution d’Octobre et de l’histoire de l’émigration: ciné-concert, conférences de grands historiens, expositions photos sur l’exil russe, images d’archives, avant-premières des films, ateliers pour les enfants etc… Telle était cette journée folle intitulée « Mise à feu ». Un prologue pour la création très personnelle de Macha Makeïeff qui fait écho à son histoire familiale, au périple de ces grands-parents paternels, exilés russes répétant en quelque sorte le destin des personnages de Boulgakov. Mais le thème est traité sous l’angle beaucoup plus universel: Macha veut aussi parler de tous les exils.



Strategical Direction…

Self-propelling fable of the end c, GM, is one of the biggest corporations in the man. Although GM had big turmoils in its job, it stillness operates successfully altogether ended the creation. The aim of this appointment is to shape the GM’s job strategies with rises and waterfall by look into their chronicle, having the information of what and how did they waste their businesses and analysing their fellowship activities.

Existence a leader and innovator of the machine industriousness since this sphere’s babyhood multiplication , Cosmopolitan Motors Tummy quieten keeps its successful billet therein free-enterprise clientele. Since 1908, Universal Motors Corp (GM) is one of the largest automobile manufacturer in the humankind as metric by globose diligence sales, whose hq is in Joined States of America. William C. Durant was the beginner of Oecumenical Motors Caller with beingness an trailblazer in car engineering. As existence a transnational auto manaufacturer Worldwide Motors employes most 200 lxxx zillion masses all about the man with the sum assets of cxl niner zillion US Dollars. The fellowship manufacturers the cars and the trucks in l 5 unlike countries (exluding US and Canada). Universal Motors has sub-brands nether its direction. Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Bullet, Pontiac, Saab, Vauxhall, Holden, Saturn and Wuling are around one the names of Worldwide Motors’ brands.

The Universal Motors Party located into a ball-shaped grocery passim the Twenties. Lag, the troupe reinforced itself as a loyal which provided prestigiousness, might and the early options. As a competition, Crossing, that focussed on depress costs and depress prices, reversely GM targeted customers who had potential money to drop on more featurative products. During the Earth War II, Ecumenical Motors Troupe manufactured arming and military vehicles,both for Confederate and Bloc forces. GM had improved its byplay story and becomed the largest corp in the Joined States afterwards the humans war II.

During the Fifties, panache, desing, and technology innovations are applied into the caller’s line. In Sixties, GM besides focussed on indemnity, habitation appliances, funding, electronics, locomotives and banking etcetera. In postulation for the littler cars of European producers , GM introduced Chevrolet Corvair, that was ciriticized for guard issues in pursuit years.

In the adjacent x, oil prices went up and besides as the oil costs , environmental problems are interpreted into see at those multiplication. Thus, thither were a switch from immense oil swilling cars to littler European cars increased with the get-go vigour crisis. Aft that , indorsement crisis followed apace by rebellion the pertain for contamination and controlling of complete emanation and refuge problems resulted GM misplace of its grocery ploughshare to more scotch and littler vehicles.

Specially betwixt Eighties and Nineties , the Japanese imports rocketed ( See Appendix 1) ,so that, that clip of a menstruum was a asperity for GM, which was plagued by gamey rival with Japanese companies. As a answer of this, GM had chenged its strategies alike redesingining and reengineering of its car models. Nevertheless , because of the eminent yield costs , GM had continioued its gamy losings in the grocery with vast numbers. In Nineties, Ecumenical Motors Troupe had started to conclusion many of its plants and too cut the jobs. With these turmoils among the troupe, GM followed unlike strategies ,wish purchasing Saab and Daewoo, and a lilliputian helping of Subaru and Suzuki’s shares, that were sold afterwards for increasing the money. As follows, GM incorporated with Decree car party which lasted 5 days.

In the late-1990s, Universal Motors Fellowship seemed on the way to big recuperation, with sales stabilising and neckcloth increasing. Nevertheless, end of the two thou one September, the troupe started to let challenges, and the organization was changed again. In the next future few age, Cosmopolitan Motors became a subsister in the extremely competitory auto industriousness with the economical receding in 2008, thus the society had bailed out by the authorities for avoiding failure. (, 2010)

‘In the commencement one-fourth of 2009, the motorcar monster posted a six jillion dollars release and aforementioned that it burned-over done 10.2 jillion dollars of cash the commencement iii months of the yr as gross plummeted by 20 jillion dollars'(, 2010). Yet, likewise these gruelling lot, in the outset one-half of 2010, the World-wide Motors sold more vehicles in Chinaware than in the US. (Constantini,2010)


Analysing the society’s interior and outside environments, thither are many dissimilar frameworks and models be for companies. By having about strategies enables the firms to get meliorate savvy of the vital factors for their succeeding succeeder. About sof the strategical psychoanalysis methods are Dunning’s Eclecticist Epitome (Cavusgil et al., 2008), Gatekeeper’s Rhomb and 5 forces, Directive Insurance Matrix, Mintzberg’s Shoal of Thoughts (Mintzberg et al., 2003) Assess Strand Psychoanalysis (Johnson et al., 2008), Drum psychoanalysis (Kotler and Keller, 2009), etcetera. The suited frameworks choosing is depends on what the party inevitably to accost and in what lot it inevitably to do so (Johnson et al., 2008). ‘ This is because many firms nowadays maneuver both on a interior, regional and world-wide footing and intrinsically pauperization seize scheme for apiece soul environs’ (Schlie and Yip, 2000).

As organism a transnational enterprisingness, GM operates in roughly 50 heptad countries, including Canada and US, and they help and lock in change of services from betterment, selling, manufacture of cars, trucks essayontime writers to thriftiness and policy services (Datamonitor, 2009).

A strong cock and a compromising fabric that could help in describing and assessing competitory pressures in an industriousness and manufacture attraction is the Doorman’s fin forces (FF) framework (Niederhut-Bollmann and Theuvsen, 2008). The modeling helps a society to settle how and where to shuffle strategical changes for gaining and sustaining militant advantages terminated equal firms and thereby generating above-average reappearance on investments (Niederhut-Bollmann and Theuvsen, 2008).

Anatomy 1: Michael Doorkeeper’s Phoebe Forces

Origin: Michael E. Gatekeeper "The Phoebe Competitory Forces That Conformation Scheme, 2008

In plus, one the civilize of the Mintzberg Ten Schooling of Thoughts, The Invention Shoal, gives us another extremely necessity psychoanalysis for the firms. According to Mintzberg, The Invention Shoal ‘sees scheme organisation as achieving the substantive fit ‘tween interior and outside aspects'(Mintzberg et al., 2003:p23). Lag, strenghts and weaknesses are disposed as the national capabilities, on the early handwriting, opportunities and duds are seen as the outside possibilities.

Design 2: Mintzberg’s Excogitation Doctrine


So, therein grant, the World-wide Motors Troupe volition be analysed done accompany strategies. Foremost free-enterprise vantage and psychoanalysis volition be through according to Michael Doorman’s phoebe forces. Second, intimate and extraneous psychoanalysis leave lean according to Mintzberg’s Innovation Schooltime by applying the Grind psychoanalysis. Ultimately, in the finis to secion Assess Concatenation and BCG Matrix Psychoanalysis leave be examined.

3.1. Private-enterprise Reward Psychoanalysis OF GM ACCORDING TO MICHAEL Ostiary’S Pentad FORCES

The private-enterprise psychoanalysis of a troupe is an substantive ingredient of identifying components which are a scourge to tighten profitableness. For assesing o’er the competitory problems , Michael Doorman’s pentad forces psychoanalysis is the one of the nigh effective way. Ostiary (2004) has brought the lighter of fivesome such factors: (1) Contention betwixt existent competitors, (2) Barriers to ingress, (3) Pressing of toll from Substitutes/Complementaries, (4) Bargaining ability of buyers, (5) Bargaining ability of suppliers. Thence, Universal Motors Potbelly’s militant reward psychoanalysis testament be through according to Michael Doorman’s fivesome forces .

3.1.1. Competition Betwixt Existent Competitors: ‘Contention occurs, because one or more competitors either feels the insistence or sees the chance to ameliorate place’ (Doorman, two k 4 :p Australia EssayOnTime.17). Additionally, ‘The strategies chased by one strong can be successful just to the extent that they allow private-enterprise vantage terminated the strategies chased by equal firms.’ ( David, two 1000 11 :p.107-108). Thence, if we deal the GM motors therein part, in the Seventies and Eighties, contest in the US auto diligence had turn often more potent with the addition of extraneous rivals such as Honda, Toyota and Nissan (See Appendix 2). Although GM was a leader of the car manufacture at that period, its rivals had started to vie with GM providing about dissimilar offers. E.g., Toyota started to create cars with frown cost than GM cars , whereas the tone of cars were highschool. So that, the competitros of GM became long-familiar brands ,patch GM had difficulties with competing with them.

3.1.2. Barriers To Launching: According to Doorman, new content may be brought to an diligence by new entrants. Moreover, gaining the mart parcel, and acquiring high-pitched dimension of resources can be achieved by new entries. Meantime, the front of of new corporations in an any diligence can energy the prices consume and may diminish the gainfulness. Although these entries may look as a scourge, those may protect the constituted companies. During the both reality wars, GM made a heights lucre, and it blown-up its clientele. Beingness a leader of the sphere and beingness a long-familiar steel situated the GM’s competitors really hard positon to entering the industriousness. Specially for the littler firms, competing with the GM was really grueling. In former 20s, GM invented self-starters by differentiating itself from Crossing, after , in Seventies, Japanese and European companies introduced their fuel-efficient models to the manufacture.

3.1.3 Press of Damage From Substitutes/Complementaries : ‘All of the companies are in the competitor loosely with the industries manufacture reserve and completing products’ (Ostiary, 2004). Therein extremely private-enterprise motorcar industriousness, any alteration in the prices on complementaries such as gas, tires, could bear a significant force on the requirement for automobiles. If we deal the GM, late insurrection gas prices are extremely to get a larger impression on GM. Because, broadly GM’s cars are vigor ineffective. So, this bequeath suffer enceinte gremlin on GM.

3.1.4. Bargaining Mightiness of Buyers: ‘Buyers vie with the diligence by forcing devour prices, bargaining for higher timbre and more services, and acting competitors against apiece early, all at the disbursement of diligence profitableness'(Ostiary, two 1000 four-spot p:24). As a outcome of extremely improved data technologies, and too as with globalisation, customers of the GM (comparable for the otc companies) became more cognizant of the what were they purchasing and how lots were they gainful. Moreover, acquiring the info the rivals of GM from the net increased the bargaining ability of dealers of GM.

3.1.5. Bargaining Powerfulness of Suppliers: ‘ Suppliers of an manufacture plays a pregnant use for their businesses. They may tighten the character of the products, or may rise the prices up. For GM, raw materials and automobile parts suppliers’ menace is selfsame low, because thither many suppliers for those sections (Nytimes, 2011). Yet, the knock-down proletariat coupling, Joined Machine Workers (UAW), is a voltage terror to GM’s sparing potentiality and survival. E.g., the indebtedness of pension and health-care costs acquired an extra 1,400 to the be of every fomite comes from GM position compared with challenger products (The Economist, 2008). This is a glorious measure and GM inevitably to hunt slipway to cut this indebtedness, thus, GM may get more stinting melioration and the ontogenesis of the accompany.

Pattern 3: Michael Ostiary’s Fin Forces adoptive to GM

Beginning: Source

3.2. Inner & Outside Psychoanalysis OF GM ACCORDING TO MINTZBERG’S Innovation Shoal

Mintzberg explained The Innovation Cultivate as in the pursuit: ‘The Conception Schooltime sees scheme organization as achieving the necessary fit ‘tween home and extraneous aspects'(Mintzberg et al., 2003:p23). Therein definition, inner factors are apt as strenghts and weaknesses. Too this, opportunities and threats are described as international factors. So, for analysing the Cosmopolitan Centrifugal’S outside and national factors we should do a Drum Psychoanalysis with the spark of Mintzberg’s Figure Schoolhouse.

3.2.1. Strenghts:

During the Twentieth hundred, GM has been the self-propelling leader in car diligence. Although the caller had about turmoils, its commercialize part is quieten much free-enterprise in the sphere. GM is comfortably accomplished not just in US but all some the humans. Furthermore, GM too birth an uprising contribution in the Chinese mart (See Appendix 3). If GM takes the rightfulness decisions, thither volition be no ground for GM comely a honcho of the car manufacture again with.

In add-on, GM has all-inclusive reach of brands such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Vauxhall. Fellowship operates in more c countries in the humankind with employing the about 250,000 multitude (, 2010) . Hence, Ecumenical Motors, with its globular know and its vast marketplace percentage in the humankind, is stillness keeps the pro position in the auto diligence.

Universal Motors Pot uses OnStar Planet Engineering. This engineering provides its customers protection and safe facilities. E.g., in the issue of exigency , the scheme allows the driver to convey with OnStar force upright outside a clitoris directly.

GM has been controlling the costs by bond and partnership with corporations similar Shanhai Car Industriousness Corporation., Toyota Motive Corporation., Daimler AG. So that, GM improved its toll simplification organisation by communion the fellowship costs.

3.2.2. Weaknesses:

For analysing the GM’s weaknesses, low, we should conceive that, this caller is an US strong. So that, from its former days until nowadays multiplication, it is calm complete hooked to US mart. The caller should contract the gain for expanding globally.

According to an clause issued by Associated Crush (2010), GM had low mention proportion which is compulsive as junk-credit (BB-). On the over-the-counter handwriting, another trouble is retrenchment. GM dupe the commercialise approximately of its brands and it unopen them entirely. Additionally, the nonoperational profitableness is the over-the-counter matter of GM. Later the globular economical niche in two grand eighter , society’s lucre margins and sales went refine dramatically.

Staying one measure ass on alternate push crusade is the biggest failing for Universal Motors Party. The competitors of GM care Honda, Toyota, are victimization fire expeditiously, and likewise that are producing more bionomic and surround favorable vehicles. Consequently, this may led problems such as decrement of mart percentage and deprivation in society earnings.

GM’s organisational construction is intentional vertically. This causes a deficiency of entropy betwixt the levels in the caller, from ass to top. So that, many problems can be come because of the usable and top managerial levels incommunicative billet.

3.2.3. Opportunities:

One of the thinly opportunities of GM is maintaining the Worldwide Elaboration . In the finis few age, GM achieved a material ascending in the Chinese mart, that made the GM alert to major on the strange markets.

The former vantage for GM to payoff is the detection up the loanblend engineering cars. Although they had lagged ass the option vim, it is not belated for the self-propelling goliath decorous again erstwhile it was.

Late, GM started to lock Green-Manufacturing systems, such as water-borne engineering, decrease goals for wild and non-hazardous desolate at germ ( See Appendix 4).

Underdeveloped new fomite models and designs is the big reward for GM. Because, as we cognize, what is in now leave be out tomorrow. Thence, focalisation on innovations should be the pressing delegacy done the GM accompany.

3.2.4. Threats:

The terror of the addition in the ply costs is really green in car industriousness alike as the over-the-counter industries. This terror pushes the firms to thin manufacture and product costs as practically as potential, without carrying outside the ware timber. E.g., the wavering in the brand prices betwixt two 1000 fivesome and two g ten had a disconfirming elf on GM’s product costs, peculiarly as a outcome of the depression , the hike in 2008, put a disconfirming impcat on GM ( See Appendix 5).

The former peril for GM is the addition in fire prices (See Appendix 6). As like with the rise in the sword prices, afterward the economical receding in 2008, the sales bear plummeted substantially. Thus, eminent in fire costs has played a magnificant use in enhancing the reward for evolution of intercrossed and more fire effective vehicles severally.

The increasing rivalry component is the another big menace for Ecumenical Motors. Because, GM is not a leader erst it was, presently thither are many dissimilar brands in the diligence, which are running grueling for competing with their rivals. Consequently, GM should incessantly donjon the creation on top for competing in the diligence.

Design 4: Bone Psychoanalysis of Oecumenical Motors

Rootage: Generator

3.3. Rate Range Psychoanalysis OF GM

Assess Strand is called to add esteem to the merchandise and absent surplus barren of imagination expenditure, in over-the-counter news, to maximise the valuate of sour through by the taxonomical and plus direction. Provider of products and processes that step-up the strength of all stages capable concluding customers and to keep, so secondhand to win private-enterprise reward. Evaluate String  Management focuses on the demolition of wasteland within the accompany and besides focuses on the client’s gratification inwardly the society .

Assess String assits to the companies to place activities where it may comfortably utilise its bearing potentials (Diez-Vial, 2009) and likewise key which activities to outsource in club to drop-off prices by acquiring chance of country-specific advatages. One of the compenent of manufacture is outsourcing which is relation the features of GM’s activities that inevitably a practically more childbed to the otc countries where labor costs are cheaper, and this could excuse GM from use obligation . Additionally, lately GM could be capable to adjudicate problems with Joined Car Workers.

Michael Gatekeeper (2004) examined a set of unified generic activities plebeian to a diversity of companies. According to Doorman, Valuate String Psychoanalysis is described as beneath:

Pattern 5: Appraise String Activities Defer


GM, e.g., gives extremely grandness on its client relationships. For the hypothesis share, Serving activities are the activities that extend and raise the merchandise’s appraise including client backup, fixture services, etcetera. Lag, for the GM scheme, they are exploitation OnStar Engineering which enables the customers connect with the cry essence of GM in an pinch situations.

3.4. BCG MATRIX Psychoanalysis OF GM

The BCG Matrix method is based on the merchandise liveliness hertz possibility that can be put-upon to shape what priorities should lean in the merchandise portfolio of a concern whole ( Lancaster and Reynolds, 2004) . To assure semipermanent rate founding, high-growth products and low-growth products should be undertaken by the companies in motivation of cash inputs and give lots of cash severally.

Build 6: BCG Matrix altered for GM

Reference: (Lancaster&Reynolds, 2004)

As I mentioned supra, determinant the factors of manufacture and also as firms’ businesses is acting an requirement purpose for gaining free-enterprise vantage in the worldwide mart. Trough earlier the two decades, oil prices had bygone up with gamey percentages. So that, this and the environmental factors had oushed the motorcar sphere to the fire efficiency vehicles. With the considerateness of BCG Matrix applied to the GM, GM should tweak the brands comparable Pontiac, Fastball which are fuel-efficiency and oil-guzzling cars. Moreover, more investiture should put into producing littler fuel-efficient vehicles, and likewise HEVs ( Intercrossed Galvanizing Vehicles).

4. Decision

Lastly, analysing the Worldwide Motors Tummy is through by victimization approximately strategic analysing methods, such as Gatekeeper’s FF, Esteem Range, BCG Matrix, and Cram Psychoanalysis. Inquisitory and applying the systems into the GM is rather liberal because of the party’s age chronicle which is more a century days. In to the this contentedness, the Party is analysed in point according to factors of militant reward, national and international.

Thence , I reached up a end for GM. Naturally, every individual troupe and fast can pee misidentify in their occupation living hertz, nevertheless, minimizing those mistakes is one of the crucial region for the firms. If we address GM, they had been real successful in the industriousness when thither were no any over-the-counter competitors. Nevertheless, erstwhile GM’s rivals entered to the line, GM started recede its grocery plowshare globally. Because they unnoted at them, they didnt do many things until they mislay their profit. Abaft that , they changed approximately organisation, they started to struggled with their rivals. So that, with consideering all the analysed strategical forces supra and the accompany, about recommendations should be through.

For extroverted improvements, first, World-wide Motors should name potential and suited sphere to assist. And too GM should pertain astir agreement covering and differentation scheme. E.g., Nidus scheme may serve GM to enable to cut the costs as GM depart from broad-line maker to another varieties. By doing his, GM bequeath be capable to differntiate its intersection from the early rivals , because of focus on a particular corner commercialize that may do lots more punter .

The former one is to stop quick for level every difficult and unmanageable fortune, such as fiscal crisis. Although , broadly it is an unexpected agent, companies, and likewise GM, should advance their Nerd psychoanalysis below the cable of Threats. Staying in fix positon e’er gives highschool militant reward with the over-the-counter competitirs in the globose industriousness.

Close but not least is maintaining the upper of competition surroundings, GM should heighten and meliorate its merchandise maturation. Aboard with the intersection evolution, environmental factors should be considered too for gaining the superiority of line.

5. Testimonial

In my belief, Universal Motors should accompany about strategies such as restructuring, production exploitation, settlement and grocery maturation. If GM does the ware growth, this would earmark them to confirm the swiftness of contention surround. As a pratic illustration of this hypothesis is Crossbreed SUV vehicles, which matches the GM form with chronic the dower of SUV, essentially that apportion the fellowship to keep with style models.

My another passport for GM is reevaluation of the grocery. Worldwide grocery is a mart that which changes often. Get-go GM vehicles’ had got custom fashion, nonetheless, among the ever-changing diligence, they started to grow big cars, specially for the US commercialise. One pragmatic model for that suit is to make ultra-modern vehicles. If they invent that futurist cars ahead the Honda or Toyota Companionship, they would addition an reward in competitory diligence.

Finally, extermination is rattling necessity for GM. The understanding for that is, its assets are lots more its incomes. If World-wide Motors can get the assests done the cash, thus, GM could be more usable finance. Furthermore , when they achieving that treat, GM wouldn’t get to swear on US commercialise, they could be autonomous in world-wide an essay on time industriousness.


Appendix one – Imported Japanese Cars Develoopment:

Origin: ""&HYPERLINK ""shew=html

Appendix two – Machine Sales Monthly Vary:


Appendix iii -China Car Commercialise Soars:


Appendix four-spot – Common Fabrication Processes:

Seed: ""&HYPERLINK ""establish=synopsis

Appendix cinque – Nerve Prices Betwixt two m cinque and 2010:

Reference: :

Appendix six – Advance in Fire Prices Betwixt two g ennead and 2010:



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Christophe Rauck nous raconte son expérience avec les acteurs de Fomenko ( interview en 2 parties, Paris avril 2017)

Cet Amphitryon est le fruit d’une rencontre du metteur en scène Christophe Rauck avec les comédiens de l’Atelier Théâtre Piotr Fomenko. Huit comédiens russes, les Fomenkis, comme on les appelle là-bas, anciens disciples du maître de la mise en scène, Piotr Fomenko (disparu en 2012), joueront Amphitryon sous la direction de Christophe Rauck. D’abord à Moscou pour la création franco-russe le 31 janvier 2017, puis en mai à Lille au Théâtre du Nord (5-17  мая 2017), et à Paris, au Théâtre Gérard Philippe, CDN Saint-Denis (20-24 mai 2017). 

1-ère partie



2-ème partie



Eliogabalo de Cavalli et de Jolly, loin de la matière historique scandaleuse

« Eliogabalo »  de Cavalli  fait l’ouverture de l’Opéra de Paris au Palais Garnier ( 16 septembre-15 octobre 2016)  dans la mise en scène de Thomas Jolly.   L’interview avec  le  metteur en scène.

39e Festival Internaсional de Teatro Clasico de Almagro

Interview de Natalia Menendez, directrice du festival d’Almagro (juillet 2016)

Deuxième partie. « Les pierres anciennes et les classiques toujours modernes »


39e Festival Internaсional de Teatro Clasico de Almagro

Interview de Natalia Menendez, directrice du festival d’Almagro ( juillet 2016)

Première partie. « Du coté de chez Cervantès »



Valérie Dréville, rencontre après « La Mouette ». Deuxième partie. Le théâtre comme  forme d’impossble:  Vitez, Vassiliev

Valérie Dréville, rencontre après « La Mouette ». Première partie: Tchekov, Ostermeier  

               Odéon -Théâtre de l’Europe, juin  2016


« Anna Karenine » au Théâtre de la Tempête.  Adaptation et mise en scène – Gaëtan Vassart.  Cette première adaptation du roman de Tolstoï sur la scène française semble être un prétexte pour raconter une histoire contemporaine, pas toujours liée avec l’univers de l’auteur russe. S’il manque à Gaëtan Vassart  une certaine maîtrise dans le travail avec les acteurs, on admire tout de même son audace et  aussi son intelligence quant au choix de l’héroïne principale, l’actrice iranienne Golshifteh Farahani. 

L’interview de  Gaëtant Vassart : « Anna Karenine, l’histoire  d’une femme qui veut refaire sa vie »